Who are we?

Lifestyle Solutions®, LLC is dedicated to Managing the Business of Living by organizing people, money, places and things. We specialize in establishing and maintaining offices and organizing and managing records - financial, insurance, medical and emergency. We work in conjunction with accountants, attorneys, financial planners, estate executors, appraisers and support staffs.

How do we work?

We begin with an initial phone consultation to get a clear understanding of your specific needs and goals. Next we analyze your situation with a home or office visit and look for any special problem areas. Then we find solutions that suit you and fit your lifestyle.  We work either independently or under your supervision, however you feel most comfortable. And you get the expertise of all Lifestyle Solutions associates.


Our clients all have different needs requiring different solutions. The one thing they have in common is that they are all long-term clients who have recognized the advantage of having a professional find solutions that make their lives run more efficiently and effectively, smoothly and successfully.

Our clients range from business owners to homemakers, from politicians to authors, from lawyers to educators and include a former Vice President of the United States, a former Comptroller of the Currency, former U.S. Representatives, a PBS television talk show host and a Broadway playwright.

What our clients say about us

Click here to read testimonials from our clients. Some of our clients prefer that their testimonials not be posted on our website. For more testimonials or references contact info@lifestylesolutionsllc.com.